Next week I will be going to the Ball Jointed Doll Festival,Ldoll 5, in Lyon, a French city in the Rhone-Alps in South-East area of France. I will be leaving at a reasonable hour in the morning and arrive in Lyon airport, in the middle of the afternoon. Luckily I did the same trip last year so I am familiar with the trains and trams to take. My accommodation this time is in Lyon itself, last year I stayed in a hotel in Villeurbane supposedly ‘near the convention centre’ but it was at least 20 minute walk using a map and asking a good few people on how to get there. This time it is just a 30 minute tram ride nearly door-to-door and with the added advantage that my accommodation is near the tram and when I get off the tram I have only a few minutes to walk, really handy!

LDoll 5 - Logo 2014
LDoll 5 – Logo 2014