Cityville Hometown Review

I have developed a recent addiction for a game via Facebook. I spend so much of my time working even on the weekends, on the bus to work, from work, at home and told myself that I needed to find a game to play and relax.
I looked for the equivalent of Cityville for the iPad and found Cityville Hometown. It is a delightful game with similar features to Cityville computer version. I was looking for neighbours to complete tasks and visit their Cityville, that took me awhile as I didn’t realise that one needs to make someone a Facebook friend, then add them as a neighbour in the computer version of Cityville and then add them as a neighbour in Cityville Hometown.
Any problems with CVHT and find a solution on their forum Visit the link here.
This is a screenshot of my Cityville Hometown, I called it ‘Ganda’; this is the old name of the Belgian city, Gent, my birthplace.


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