March 2014


April 2010

I live in Ireland, Co.Wicklow with my two younger children …. well ok, teenagers, hmmmm, no they disagree, they are young (nearly) adults, two cats, Lucy & Shadow and my laptop, Toshi.
My two eldest have flown the nest. I enjoy their company when they come around or chat over the phone. My eldest daughter is happily married and has three children, so I am Oma (Dutch for Nana) to them. Oh, yes, I am originally from Gent in the East-Flanders, a province in Belgium. My first language is French, second one is Dutch.

I live in Ireland since October 1978. I work in Dublin city centre, I teach IT, my main subject is web design.

The bottom three photos were taken by my teenage daughter on the 3rd of April 2010 …

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