Working on the grey tunic on Mothers Day
Working on the grey tunic on Mothers Day

I did some market research to determine what I should knit next for my Etsy shop specialising in BJD clothing and found out that the favourites are dark colours, grey, white or a combination, loose type of boyfriend sweaters with maybe some design embroidered on it.
So I decided to use the grey Debbie Bliss Rialto lace with love hearts on the front embroidered in chain stitch.
When it was finished and Heather was wearing it I showed it to my eldest son, Tadeusz, who is not at all into dolls and his answer was very positive “Ohh, that’s really nice!”
It was a genuine liking, not just a polite “Yes, Mum, it’s nice.”
I asked for a second opinion from Oonagh, my 20 year old and got the same warm answer… so it must be appealing to the average BJD owners age wise? I really hope that I have found the winning formula to sell on Etsy!!
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