Gorgeous Silkpaca

SD BJD Kimiko showing her yellow silk and alpaca peplum
SD BJD Kimiko showing her yellow silk and alpaca peplum

I had created the yellow peplum just over a week and it got sold already on Etsy.
The green peplum has been favoured by many people but not sold and then it dawned on me that the colour might not be to everyone’s liking so I decided to create a different colour one.

Malabrigo Yarns

I knitted both peplums in Malabrigo Baby Silkpaca, the wool is so soft and very expensive it retails over €10 for 50 gram! Fortunately BJD dolls are small enough and technically I should be able to knit 3 peplums out of 50 gram wool, ranch peplum weighs about 13 to 15 gram. That would mean that my yarns cost about €3 per peplum.

I bought the Silkpaca in lettuce green, yellow, red and purple and this weekend I am knitting a red peplum which should be on Etsy in a few days.

I carry my knitting around with me in a sealed plastic bag and whenever I have a few minutes out comes the knitting and I continue without a problem.

I made a template for the peplum and noted the pattern I created for it on the template, this saves time and my brain; at this stage I know most of the pattern by heart but details like increases and decreases are best noted down.