This afternoon after finishing up work, with an extra 2 hours of teaching WordPress details to bloggers from some of the centres at work, I told myself that I deserved a nice cake and cappuccino in one of my favourite cafés in Dublin beside Thisisknit wool shop.

© MMoeykens - Coffee cup drawing 2014
© MMoeykens – Coffee cup drawing 2014

Finding a seat in the Pepperpot café

Inside Powers court townhouse I went up the stairs to the café beside the wool shop. The tables are on a double line along the balcony; two chairs for each table. I scanned the empty seats quickly and found a seat at a table beside a lady who was typing something on her phone.

I find it embarrassing to seat myself beside a couple be it ladies or man-woman as this is my time of reflexion, total self-absorption and inner peace so I didn’t wish to be disturbed by intimate conversation between other human beings. Thus I prepared myself to be perfectly a-sociable before my busy evening and next day of meals/cups of coffee with friends, family etc.

Dame Bruni

The lady at the next table, whose outstanding feature were her brown eyes so ‘Dame Bruni’ became her nickname for the purpose of writing this post, looked at a map of Dublin, ah, a tourist, I told myself.
I seated myself, ordered from the young bespectacled new waiter and took out my iPad while Dame Bruni was writing on her phone.

Her whole composure exuded self-assured happiness, so all was well for me to sink into my own being and write while sipping coffee and mini-bites of lemon tart.
As I was writing my previous blog entry about Dolls & Party, and leaned over to eat another little bite of the excellent, super delicious lemon tart, the lady with the dark brown eyes asked if the cake was good?


I think I asked her if she was traveling, can’t actually remember but within a few minutes we were speaking French, the relaxed French spoken in France and Switzerland.
We both were born in Belgium from a mainly French speaking family, both left Belgium but at different times of our life, both have emigrated to an English speaking part of the world and both are avid knitters.
Well my peaceful period of self-absorption went totally out the window to be replaced by a vivid exchange of ideas in the space of about an hour and a half.
Ensued a long conversation during which we found many similarities in taste and background.

© skym- Floral girls cafe vector
© skym- Floral girls cafe vector

How often?

So how often do we meet somebody who shares so many similarities in life circumstances, experiences and thoughts? For me, not that often, not to say rarely…
Dame Bruni expressed a few thoughts on space versus togetherness in a relationship and my mind did a double take, didn’t she just express my own conclusions? I had to tell her that I feel the same, so I did.

Shared Thoughts

The previous flash experience made me think again that we individuals, as we might seem like, do share our thoughts, they come to us, we invite them in, adopt them, allow them to shape our life, let them go when they have performed their goal of shaping our future.
Letting them go to allow new progressive thoughts to enter our being, holding on to thoughts would crystallise, harden our thoughts, our being.
I sense from the depth of my being that we don’t own thoughts, they come and go from the deepest depth of natures creations, we just borrow them, wear them like clothes until we grow out of them, then we adopt new ones, more adapted to our new butterfly being.

River of Thoughts

I have learned over the years while practicing meditation to sink deep to that level of thoughts awareness which is like a river of thoughts waiting to be mounted, used, played with.

© Binkski - Landscape with river vector
© Binkski – Landscape with river vector