Visiting a City on my Own

I had never done that, visiting a city on my own. Last year when I went to Lyons in France I stayed either in the hotel or in the venue or traveled to or from Lyons. I had planned to visit Lyons, had it all worked out which museum I wanted to see and then … I just didn’t. Partially because the ‘Ldoll Festival 4’ totally fascinated me and also because I didn’t feel comfortable to explore a city on my own.

I was determined to visit Barcelona, not just sit in the hotel reading a book. I paid for two tours on the second day, planned to walk to the beach and have some food and drink, and read a book. I bought a ticket online for the metro, train to/from the airport and the tram.
Well I am glad that I had booked the tour and planned activities on the days around the Dolls&Party, it turned out to be very exciting and educational and I met some lovely people from Spain, Key West in Florida and from the UK/USA.
The two tours had a stop off in different locations but for a very short time, so my plan it to revisit these locations on my own and enjoy them for as long as I want. The tour was great to get to know the places but they each need to be savoured by themselves to be fully appreciated.
These are some of the photos from the tour: [portfolio_slideshow id=1215]