By now you all know that I am addicted to BJD dolls, buying them, going to BJD doll conventions, meetings and fairs, talking about them, promoting them …
I have been admiring Nympheas dolls, created by K6, a French BJD creator, for a good while now. They come in four different types: Nymphes, Demones and Friends. they are very small BJD’s and can hide in your pocket!
K6 has something in common with me with the difference that I was born in 1953, thirthy years earlier and like K6 I spend my youth reading books at the back of the family book and magazine shop, in her case her Mam’s bookshop.
K6 got her love of writing stories and drawing from looking through books in her Mams bookshop. I can totally relate to that and I can see the influence of French cartoon stories in her characters of which my favourite is this tan one:

Now the next one is my totally favourite one, I just love those big eyes and the dark skin. How I would love to own one of these, it would be fun to make tiny weeny clothes for her and create a diorama for her.

This one is a lovely fairy, she is very cute with her pointy ears and she would be third on my list of dolls:

Now this is Chouchou, a typical French nickname, my Irish children could vouch for that LOL!!
This is what K6 says about her chouchou:

When the leaves are agitated when the rain rushing and the fresh breeze carries your hats,
chouchou looks fun to pick up all to store them in his little house made of earth, leaves and chestnut.

This is , I think one of the ‘Demones’, but not too sure. she is cute, that is for sure.

The last two, I think are also ‘Demones’, does one get two in the giveaway? 🙂

This concludes this doll anniversay giveaway sharing. I hope that BJD lovers all over the world will share the photos from this post if they want to win one of these lovely creatures.
I certainly want one of these….. please!!
To conclude, I will most probably go to LDoll 5 in Lyons middle of October to the BJD convention and I am sure will visit the stand of Nympheas Dolls!