Photo Shoot Trial 1

Sunday afternoon second of March, my eldest son Tadeusz and myself transformed my kitchen into a photo studio. The curtains were closed various desk lamps brought down and a heavy cloth with a vinyl backing hung over the wooden clothes drier. This clothes drier is called a Sheila Maid is is traditionally hanging over the Aga or Stanley range to dry the clothes right after they have been washed in the winter.
As it is operated by pulleys and can hang at different heights, it is ideal to hang a cloth background for a photo shoot.

Photo shoot in Kenmare Heights kitchen
The table was moved right under the backing cloth, my BJD Heather added and the photo shoot began.
Tadeusz was using his SLR camera and me, I used my iPhone 5 S.
Tadeusz explained to me that his camera has a separate zoom function which is separate so the zooming doesn’t affect the clarity of the photo… Or something like that. I am not at all au- fait with the intricacies of focus, exposure and aperture, but I am in the process of learning it for a new module that we are going to teach in our training centre.
The results of this first photo shoot are that you need more diffuse lights.
Desk lamps have a short strong light range which is not suitable for a photo shoot. On the whole it was a good start, we found out which lights would be best and how to position the background.