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Summer 2014 has finally started!

I have knitted quite a lot in the last weeks since Easter and am in the process of showing it off in my blog

There is a ‘Dolls & Party’ in Barcelona on the 5th of July and I will be going to that as well as spending a few days in Barcelona to visit it for the first time.

There is some news about my family too, my youngest son who was in Edinburgh showed up one day after months in Edinburgh and the adventures of our kitten, Jinxie will get some limelight.

News from my Etsy shop , what I have in my shop and what I am thinking of creating this summer.

  • June/July/August 2014 Projects
  • Knit for YoSD and MSD slim
  • Spin the silk I bought in the winter

Creativity is the steam of my minds engine, forever propelling me forward to uncover, discover, create and be satisfied with my creations.

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